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Tips To Stay Active FOR STUDENTS

Physical activity plays an important role in our lives. A study conducted in Ireland found that “active students enjoy better health (overall and mental) and are happier than their inactive peers” (1). But how do you stay active when your schoolwork is so time-consuming? I myself, as a fellow University student, struggle with this. This is why I have compiled a list of 5 effective tips that can help you stay active while in school.

1. Walk to class

Never underestimate the power of walking! Just by increasing your steps every day, you can increase your daily activity level. This includes climbing the stairs to get to your class, instead of taking an elevator (it is just like going on the Stairmaster at the gym but in real life!)

2. Schedule it in.

Scheduling a workout on your daily to-do list helps prevent any unforeseen hurdles that may pop up during your day. I use a planner which allows me to write in the exact time I plan to go to the gym. It is also somewhat satisfying to be able to cross it off my to-do list. You can even schedule that walk to class to make sure you have enough time!

3. Wear workout clothes to class.

This tip might sound a little strange, but I find it easier to go to the campus gym when I am already in activewear. I find when I go home after class to grab my activewear it is so much harder to leave the comfort of my house again.

4. Subscribe to a fitness YouTube channel.

YouTube offers a ton of fitness videos in a range of fitness levels … not to mention it is free! With just a click of a button, you can be following along to a fitness video in the comfort of your own room.

5. Find a fitness buddy.

Having a friend that also doubles as your fitness buddy can make being active more enjoyable. You can also hold each other accountable and be each other’s support system!

It is important to note that being active looks different for everyone. There are many ways of being active, you just have to find what is right for you!


  1. Murphy MH, Carlin A, Woods C, Nevill A, MacDonncha C, Ferguson K, et al. Active Students Are Healthier and Happier Than Their Inactive Peers: The Results of a Large Representative Cross-Sectional Study of University Students in Ireland. J Phys Act Health. 2018;15(10): 737-746.

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